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Who We Are

"It's never about the clothes."

That's what Director Suzanne Hackett has said from the start about the work that she, her family, and her loyal volunteers do every day. 

Since our very first clothing drive on July 7, 2008, The Remnant Ministry has been striving to make life better in the communities of Swansea, Gaston, and Pelion. The clothes were just the beginning though; even now they create a way for the ministry to build relationships with the people it serves. Through those relationships, The Remnant is able to fulfill other tangible and spiritual needs as well. 

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The Mission

The Remnant Ministry's purpose is to offer Hope and the Love of Christ through relationship, teaching and helping fulfill the needs of rural Lexington County and other surrounding areas. The Remnant Ministry seeks to interrupt cyclical and perpetual poverty by providing families and individuals with tangible and consumable items to improve their financial viability.

High Fives
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